Decorative Painting – Stucco Italiano, Variance coatings, Texturline Coatings & More

DIANA’S Murals and More provides design and installation of custom murals and incredibly innovative variety of architectural coatings and decorative wall finishes from United States, Canada, and Italy.

  • Our creative Director Diana Sorkin is an Award Winning Artist Designer born in Moscow Russia.
  • A graduate of Pratt Institute, she is a master of both conceptual design and visual communication.
  • Her diverse skills include watercolors, oils, murals, sculpture and many more artistic media.

With over 20 years of professional experience, Diana is passionate about creating beauty and style.
To her art is a source of endless inspiration and she will cherish the opportunity to make your dreams become reality.

Decorative Painting by Diana’s Murals and More

There have been significant advancements in the architectural industry, and our coatings are the cutting edge in decorative finishes from around the world.

The products we feature include:

Stucco Italiano

Stucco Italiano is the finest world renowned decorative plaster made in Italy. We have hundreds of pre-formulated colors and your Stucco Italiano installation is pre-tinted by machine to ensure consistent color for your projects.

Variance coatings

An American made Acrylic decorative plaster system that is more flexible and durable than mineral based plaster.  It is machine tinted colored to meet any specification.  It can be used for indoor and outdoor surfaces as well as wet environments. It comes in a variety of textures, all of which allow for seamless repair.  Variance coatings come off the trowel easily, resulting in a lower cost per square foot than that of traditional mineral based plaster.

Texturline Coatings

A Canadian company that specializes in wildly diverse collection of acrylic decorative finishes which include metallic and pearlescent coatings.  Moire, Sedona, Lustra, and Metaltech are just some of the different kinds of coatings available, making it easy to find new ways to layer the colors to meet any design requirements.

Metaltech is an exciting innovative metallic paint from Texturline that is universally tinted with three base system to achieve a wide spectrum of colors in a metallic finish.  It is brushable, rollable, and sprayable,
therefore it can be installed by any professional painter.  This paint can be used for interior and exterior surfaces, and on a variety of substrates, including metals. It is a 100% acrylic coating that is corrosion resistant and LEED rated as a low VOC formula.  Metaltech is a beautiful and economical alternative to tradition paint.

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