We all love New York City, but not all of us can afford living there or don’t have the time to visit it as often as we’d like.

Murals are a great way to reinvent any setting.

I have to admit some of my clients have wild imagination. Inspiration comes easy and takes you on a great adventure. Recently I painted a wraparound mural of central park for a little girl’s bedroom.Clouds overhead, bridges, pond, carousel and even a ZOO with fuzzy and not so fuzzy animals changed an ordinary room into a magical place. Needless to say, I loved the idea and had a great experience. As I transform my client’s bare walls I go on a journey with them. Sometimes it’s hard to say good bye, but I have pictures which I enjoy sharing with friends and family alike.

Diana’s Murals | Custom Mural Painting in New York City

Diana’s murals and sculptures add beauty, individuality and style to local residences, corporate offices and public spaces. Diana works with home and business owners that are looking to bring beauty and style to their spaces, and helps them design and create a look that is personal, memorable and affordable.

If you need a custom mural in the New York City area, please contact us for a quote.