Seuss Madness – A Custom Dr. Seuss Mural

This unique and crazy in the very best sense of it nursery was an inspired collaboration. My client, expecting mom and her husband are Dr. Seuss fans, no doubt. It took at least ten books and a couple of dozens of crazy whimsical characters to put together this labor of love.

In the midst of planning this challenging composition, ironically I said that “it needs to make sense”. Yeah, that’s a laugh, LOL!

But at the end of course it all did make perfect sense; the bird resting on top of the TV, a dreaming creature flying out of the make belief window over the door, the Spotted creature swaying over a bunny chair, Horton peeking out of the closet, Grinch grinning over the flying Green Eggs and Ham, Ted and Fred in their cars, Sneeches roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, Turtles stacked in the corner, Lorax arguing with Fox in sox and even One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, and Blue Fish.

They all came together in an engaging carnival of color to welcome a bundle of joy!

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