Digital Edge And Diana’s Murals Bring The Holiday Spirit To A Public School

Digital Edge and Diana’s Murals and More kicked off the season by showing support through enhancing experiences for children at one of Staten Island’s public schools.

Decorative Painting – Stucco Italiano, Variance coatings, Texturline Coatings & More

DIANA’S Murals and More provides design and installation of custom murals and incredibly innovative variety of architectural coatings and decorative wall finishes from United States, Canada, and Italy.

Custom Under The Sea Mural

This one called for the Under The Sea theme with mysterious creatures and colorful fish.

Custom School Mural For P.S. 5 Teaches That “Everyone Learns Every Day”

“Everyone learns every day” says P.S.5’s school slogan.

The Alice in Wonderland Themed Christmas Tree: The Tree That Keeps On Giving

A whimsical Alice in Wonderland themed Christmas tree was donated to a needy family by Huguenot artist Diana Sorkin and other members of the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce.