Peter Rabbit And Friends Come Alive In This Custom Peter Rabbit Mural

In the case of a wraparound Peter Rabbit, I had to read 8 books by Beatrix Porter to get to know the characters.

“Wallflower” – Diana Sorkin Featured in Industry Magazine

Regina Cooper of Industry Magazine wrote:“I’ve always believed that art should appeal to its audience—making them think, feel and wonder. Therefore, to me art is always a meaningful experience,” says Diana Sorkin, Principal Artist and Owner of Diana’s Murals

Custom School Mural For P.S. 5 Teaches That “Everyone Learns Every Day”

“Everyone learns every day” says P.S.5’s school slogan.

Quick and Easy Holiday Fun & Christmas Tree For The Festival of Wreaths and Trees

This season I was asked to design a Christmas Tree for charity, Festival of Wreaths and Trees.

The Alice in Wonderland Themed Christmas Tree: The Tree That Keeps On Giving

A whimsical Alice in Wonderland themed Christmas tree was donated to a needy family by Huguenot artist Diana Sorkin and other members of the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce.