Seuss Madness – A Custom Dr. Seuss Mural

This unique and crazy in the very best sense of it nursery was an inspired collaboration. My client, expecting mom and her husband are Dr. Seuss fans, no doubt. It took at least ten books and a couple of dozens of crazy whimsical characters to put together this labor of love.

Peter Rabbit And Friends Come Alive In This Custom Peter Rabbit Mural

In the case of a wraparound Peter Rabbit, I had to read 8 books by Beatrix Porter to get to know the characters.

With this Custom Fairy Tale Mural, It’s Fairy Tales For All!

Do you believe in fairy tales? I do. At least on days when I’m painting them.

Take A Walk In Central Park Through This Custom Central Park Mural

We all love New York City, but not all of us can afford living there or don’t have the time to visit it as often as we’d like.